About True Ones Products
True Ones is a new brand of racing products produced by MKS Engineering, Inc. We MKS Engineering have long experience of developing the real racing parts and producing the high quality machined parts in US. Our goal is providing the real racing products with reasonable prices to the customers in all over the world.
 True Ones Hi-Performance Piston Kit

True Ones Hi-Performance Piston Kit is WPC treated onto the high quality piston which is machined by CP Pistons LLC. The WPC Treatment makes the piston more stronger and less friction. The wrist pins and rings are also WPC Treated to reduce friction and to seal more perfectly between rings and ring grooves. It really works to reduce the brow-by gas.

True Ones Hi-Performance Rocker Arm
True Ones Hi-Performance Rocker Arm for SR20 is gone through the WPC treatment onto the NISSAN genuine rocker arm. The WPC Treatment strengthens it and reduce the friction between rocker arm and camshaft lob. We strongly recommend our customer to treat the camshafts with the WPC treatment.


Hi-Flow Fuel Rail Kit

When you exchange your turbo with bigger one or put higher boost pressure on it than regular, you are required more fuel than before. To prevent short delivery of fuel, you need this Hi-Flow Fuel Rail.