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 About MKS Engineering, Inc.

MKS Engineering, Inc. based in Huntington Beach, California, aims to be the leading provider of real racing products and technologies from US and Japan. We connect US manufactures to Japanese customers and also Japanese manufactures to US customers across the Pacific Ocean.

1. We design and manufacture custom Pistons, Connecting Rods and Crankshafts in U.S. for any type of Racing Engines.

2. We design and manufacture custom Camshafts, Valves and Valve Springs in Japan for customers in all over the world.

3. We provide Real Racing products from U.S. to all over the world.

4. We provide Real Racing products from Japan to U.S. customers.

Postal Address

MKS Engineering, Inc.
3042 Enterprise St. Unit-F
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 U.S.A.

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